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Aomori Tears (Beatflakes 2014)

   Los Angeles local artist playing the latter days; non-trendy Dubstep based formation of tuning noises and samples and everything that rhyming hard but not monotone to make the listeners dancing a little for the mesmerizing recording compilation or whatever. J. Marin means business when it comes or goes onto remixing the sounds as becoming this project named Oxossi; releasing his best debut but perhaps, the only records so far there through Electric Travels within thus Electronic Hip-Hop meets experimental Juke or Trap beats like jazzy in terrible taste which might closer suitable for slow driving sex with someone’s bride in a forbidden love inside the cheap motel outskirt.

Either you’re black banger or trash filth in no further optional changes for another characters, cheating kinds lurking around for slight pleasure and lonely hearts of younger and older women to check-in – whether you drunk or not. 

   The re-capturing amateur moments on audio releases here in sixers are Old Pianist, Stir The Brush, Sway and not to mentioned the more psychotic tunes like Krishna Beat and the strange Rock Industrial via Helios ends up the spilling of sperm anywhere you like it – kinds of feeling in epic/brutal romance point or perhaps, linked to espionage footwork mission gone gaming. 

Electric Travels: