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Anyanka (Keroleen Records 2016)

   Weirdo misfits and vengeance witches, feminist or Invisible Girl b.f.f ‘ struggling to make their Punk-Rock music heard by everyone; playing shows through-out the country as friends like Shahnaz (bass/vocals), Zak (drums/vocals) and Holly (guitars.vocals) forming this group trio called The Potentials as these DIY queer-loving of Buffy the vampire slayer fresh-kids from Hellmouth providing their smart kinky and totally critiques, sowrn not to swiping the bloodsucking vamps but real living themed written from bad to worst and some goodness in between it gave out sharing anyway. Six Punk-Rock Pop slaying tunes which played like your little sister Garage Rock formats with kind of harmonic alternator contrast efforts arming the band’s releases for We Are The Potentials that shouting a nude out within hail Moloch, Amy (No Peace For), Wrong Show or other three minutes more rocks the cemetery in the evening with your silly pals doing the hunt !

We Are The Potentials: