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Ann Arbor Rave (Armageddon Records 1980)

   Thirty-eight fully songs gripping for the experimental weirdy Rock sounds which can be describing as the cross-over from New Wave Punk, Lo-Fi idiots to Avantgarde melting pot of madness ideas arranged and written spontaneously by the working minded of the band personnel: Jad Fair for vocals/guitars/drums/illustrations to David Fair on vocals/guitars/drums; John Dreyfuss on saxophone and drummer Rick Dreyfuss off Half-Japanese or ½ Japanese … Figure out your fuckin’ self. 

Influenced by Garage Rock loudest or No Wave sounds as meditated to Krautrock inspirations and instrumental fusion debut here for Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts fueled with original materials from the band and covers as them interspersed by through non-enjoyable musical sounds such as those silly but semi-legendary to remembered by the real Punk heads there via Ta Sheri Ta Ta, My Girlfriend Lives like a Beatnik, No Direct Line From My Brain to My Heart, Jodi Foster, Rrrrrrrrrr, Shi Yi Yi, I Love Oriental Girls, Dream Date as well as Lou Reed’s I Can’t Stand It Any More, Bruce Springsteen’s 10th Ave. Freezeout and She Cracked by Jonathan Richman. 

   Whether it is believed to be sounded closer to how The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, The Beach boys or Bo Diddley rounded up in a blender with more percussion held high as the rhythmic laws to your ears as like you facing thus people wearing parade cultural traditional creepy dresses blurring the edges of your path. 

Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts: