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Amnesia Intro (Subcarbon 2013)

   Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson is a duo off the Belgium bass-tones and Dubstep musician communicating all around within their listeners as global and local; the producing duet of Electronic project named Ganja White Night waving an iconic works and trademark already as they’re setting thus captivate experiences and experiments teaming through the influences roots while doing your favorite timing smoking weeds as listening hour seems to feel endless as it gets within this third recording session from Ganja White Night in Mystic Herbalist mainly instrumental Dubstep Electro sounds provides there like Bubblegum, Black Widow, Jock Horror, Misty to Euforia and Blue Velvet entering your rooms like thus smoky haze of hallucinating effects only to be stop after Brains Escape featuring Simon fades out from the stereo track-listed.

Mystic Herbalist: