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Amada Blower Mattress (Nickle And Dime Records 2005)

   Led by the two figure-heads Patrick Jones and Vince O’Campo into the duet inspirational influences bands of the entire round from US Punk Rock scene to the more Hardcore original circa Minor Threat, The Damned, Screeching Weasel or Talking Heads and Devo pushing the boundaries of silliness meeting the fast punkish for these non-LSD church members crewing themselves under the chosen fanatic name onto The Mormons outfitted the missionaries and riding bikes with helmets, stud belts backpacks or scattered facial hair to thrift store pulling forwards the released album debut for Statement Of No Statement.
   Comprising Jimmy on bass guitar, Louie the guitarist, Ryan playing drums & guitars onto vocalist Patrick and guitar/drums player Vince; blasting the Robocop-like handler servants mechanical to clean up the school or study harder to earn good marks but the precision of Walley Gagel production works cherish the infatuation flammable tracks to challenging yourself to dare defying Mega Alpha Chumps Enjoy The Grand Oblivion, The Day My baby Gave Me A Surprise followed by prophecy of The Rollerboys as well as Johann Obvious and The Clones did letting you laugh to some silly acts but rhetorically, you’re might sing along with The Mormons after finishing this and repeated again ! 

Statement Of No Statement: