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All Is Love (Loveway/Warner Bros. 2015)

   Be joyful listening on your favorite catchy Pop-Rock and Indie Rock satisfaction led by the creative writings from the figures of the band like Christofer Drew or Ian Crawford as they’re forming the results in Never Shout Never that might brightening your Friday afternoon as the weekend comes within this sixth recording entitled Black Cat showing the power popular of its third eye mixing the most funky moments capturing your entire year in one album and ten tracks listed there; shouting high telling us that Hey! We Ok, Red Balloon of the photo-shop birthday that less for attendance but still fun, Happy New Year brings your silly resolution for being tougher waging for the last high school days, Awkward Conversations (Best Day) and Peace Song or Boom! means partying is never a sin but be more responsible to yourself and others as well as non-critical free times on skateboarding and sees the nature of wonders across the globe may give you new perspectives and more colors like rainbow to your moments.

Black Cat: