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Alibi Nuthin’ (Heavy Psych Sounds 2018)

   Wedge is Kiryk on vocals, electric guitars, harmonica & tape delay while The Holg playing drums and percussion with David performing his bass guitar plays as well as organ, electric piano and mellotron for the trio’s formatting group blending their essential rocking Stoner/Fuzz/Retro Psychedelic Sludge and Hard Rock plus cult-themes over this self-written tracks on Killing Tongue as their brand new recording releases since the previous one emerged. Within the presence of your purple skinned and green tongue female figure whom look-alike thus mysterious being you did not wanted to encounters around your sleeping hour in bed while all the lights go out. Groovy rhythmic meets the solo choruses and semi-faster tempos over the fascinating jams forming within the songs like Tired Eyes, Lucid, Quarter To Dawn, High Head Woman or Push Air – giving pressures for those ears whom dislike Rock Music to liking this sounds before getting involved deeper like fatal addicted under the Psychedelic Stoner spells warping from the seventies and Grunge-Folk rocking heroes of regular modern-day poets.

Killing Tongue: