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Alfonso Tall (Helat Tubruk 2015)

   From Pondok Labu to abroad experiences would be these Hardcore of ex-islamic school band that rocks the national scene of modern Rock music like a wet dream becoming reality which isn’t too wet but exciting as Melodic Rock auras within esthetic of being independent as choose their own path sounding for global Post-Punk or Folk-Pop or Afro Electro and Jazz-tinged techniques influenced and compare to Interpol, Yeasayer and Fleet Foxes as the seminal baritone vocals from Karaeng Adji spotted right trust for listeners to get even for some more as well as thus percussion performance off Giovanni Rahmadeva and bass-rhythms by Xandega Tahajuansya and Billy Aulia Saleh the guitarist going through the tunnels of relationships between person to person and the community that has losing their ways to connecting again but came this debut recording that Polka Wars did farther from home – in New York as Axis Mundi spreading some of those synthesizer and keyboards plays by Ario Wibowo or Rizky Aulia for completing the band’s efforts over This Providence, with additional guitar by Herald Sinaga, Top Gear (Moths & Flies) with saxophone plays from Gerinov Medaimanto onto Horse’s Hooves and Mokele that bronzing the middle tempos provisions collectively, blending the immunity from the group to be themselves without letting the company ruining their wet dreams as being closed in two thumbs up ends via Piano Song/Eve and Coraline for you – the beginners and the older fans of the band describing thus compound helps for people’s housing project from the president without lying too much for empty promises and the girls later playing happily living there surrounded by nicest nature.

Axis Mundi: