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Akumajo (Revelation Records 2018)

   Visceral slams enough to the hardest in preemptive making up through these San Francisco’s brothers in arms of Hardcore-Punk to Heavy Metal fusion cross-over crew by the name of Primal Rite concluded of the members: Jake Dudley (guitars), Federico Avila(guitar), Jason Brownstein (guitars), Jeremy M (drums) to Lucy X on lead vocals and Max Wickham the bass player; brought the listeners to get wet via the remote natural but dangerous place where the river clear meets the waterfall of deader points where evil spirits dwelling and the main character here is the burnt-up creature waging the water waiting by the reflections of the all seeing eyes for you to fell in.

   Speeding chaos and thus unleashed scream of solos and crushing Thrash Metal scenery breaking over Dirge of Escapism record by Jakc Shirley recording and Jake Dudley producing – scarring your stereo through Antivenom, Bu Zhi Chun, Persona, Ecstatic Agony, Interference and Chapter Zero goes attacking the common ears with disturbance sounds ! 

Dirge Of Escapism: