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Aeons Madness Below (Metalizer Records 2015)

   Secondary materials off the Heavy Metal music that brings you the Classic fusion on early Thrash Metal, Folk Metal and thus Cowboy’s hailing themes among the magic land occults and rituals which promising as it sounded seminal like epic in half extremity covered the great solos and standard tempos right on track for many Heavy Rock lovers to deal with these Kansas City group led by Nikky Skorcher Zach Coffey as well as the other troops Brett Blackout to CC Spearhead slashing their ways onto this Rage Of The Gods recording from Vanlade where screaming pitched high tones and vocals to the awaits of the great wizard hero leading the magnificent thousands troops witnessing first the battle over the volcano mountain tops by gigantic monsters before the final hour of it ends. Free yourself to having the cranking aloud on the listed tracks here before the swords and spears all getting use to kill the enemies within through Carnicidal, Moonbound, Hellrazor, Jaws of Life or Hail The Protector and Frozen For All Time starting the bloodbath wars of the nations in the middle planet as being prophecy by the elders. Twarts now all you the unbeliever and the braves !

Rage Of The Gods: