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Act Malevolent God (SickBangers 2012)

   Thrash Metal power-rage debut from the Chilean crew of Arica area – Conflicted which comprising for Rodrigo Rios on bass, Pedro-Pablo Puentes (drums), Rolando Vasquez (guitars) and Felipe Huerta (vocals) might sounding similar to the energetic dark Slayer and early Metallica by compositions as social disorder and war religions themes written as vulgar and honest in Social Disorder album showing us the bastard leader lying to the public and toxic waste business ruling the nationwide within this Cross-Over metallic extremities did their best for bashing your stereo through Experiments to Create Abberations, The Price We Must Pay, Corrupcion, Human Decayed…To The Final War and The Truth Beyond Our Polluted Lungs tells you insanity that happens in reality by lieas and fake news conspiracies.

Social Disorder: