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Abrahamic Ukrainia (Draigfflam Productions 2017)

   Waging the open water sea of some might saying it is cursed forever really took a believer to see as things as shitty bad happens to you and your vessel while the attacking monster creature of gigantic foot size do the demise on everyone who crossing there since a long time ago. The trio of Adam Siatkowski, Andrew Dorflinger and Evan Williams putting their wonderful deserving applause of independent Black Metal melodies as offensive as super cool extremities like the beginning sessions from Dimmu Borgir USBM style for this releasing underground physical brute-craze-popular sounds within Dumal’s eight track-listing record on The Lesser God. 

   A reminder off many dead victims in pieces being eaten or consumed by the sea creature whom dwelling the site of that ocean expanding horror and fear among sailors and native story-tellers about it in many version related imagination via Lost Caverns, Fane of The Clandestine, The Path to The Fortress is Lined with Statues, The Wind Demon or Serpents in The Bramble caring to marked your scary phobic to facing the real terror threat and not completed the journey – like one shall having Spring Will never Come to themselves after the wrong course been made.

The Lesser God: