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A Taxi Of Steel (Refune Music Ltd 2014)

   Even her inventor Linnea Martinsson is a singer and the attempts from this brainchild cannot go too far from similarity that the Swedish solo project called Lune really absolute producing a very intimacy togetherness for romance modern and technical Pop-Electro sounds which also includes Adrain Lux and Carl-Michael Herlofsson by writing their creative instinct and remarkable tunes arrangements not just for a girl to mock the world by her cutey smile but further than that; Music & Sports did something sweeter as well as catchy by the mixture on Synth-Pop, Techno-Dance onto Rn’ B seminal affection towards Boys 'N' Roses, Standing Eagle, Close Dance, That Day onto Tonight were you’re not going to feel lonely because of her beautiful vocals closely – accompanied our miserable moments within the record.
   Dealing with broken-feelings, being strong, the cheating lives or thus complicated dreams still not able to turning to gold means that so many homework to do to surviving yourself sailing the ocean of life but here with the courageous and perhaps, related influential Bjork’s sounds in popular teenage and older adults remaining for the search on colors that cheering up the real world, cute presentation like this can easily becomes your medicine through music of a wiser girl thoughts to help. 

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