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42 Degrees (Not On Label 2016)


   The music of Hip-Hop and Old School Rn’ B meets thus clever rhyming and sudden daily rebels in ideas to spreading the stories by telling the neighborhood or people in the distance that out of the derelict shop coffee in Melbourne formed the dyslexic enthusiasts creating pointless at first but petty theft later on imploding in critics and acclaims as mental breakdown collective in lacks of trusting the governments; obsolete centered to gain sanity for Lou and Tom build this Average Rap Band as their group attempts.

   Mr. Tuiasau with Mr. Scott adding Dandruff Dicky and completing their experimented sounds of El Sol as the results and with conscious nor pacifist Folk, World Music and Hip-Hop as the major influences and basic – one shall flows within the tracks that slowly blows alike Fly Casual, Pool Side, Pizza Man, Jealous, What Am I Doing With My Life ?, Entertainment onto Purple Mink Suit Rap makes the relaxing hour seems to be painted in soft colors natural but brought smart things too inside the lyrics. 

El Sol: