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17:52 (Naturmacht Productions 2018)

   Perhaps, an excellent basic choices over those whom into the very darkness underground but trying to find something melodious in harmony like the acoustic side-influenced closer to Led Zeppelin’s occult calmness softer but always lurking acts not just on anti-commercialism in the wider spade world but also distributes the good quality of strong Atmospheric Black Metal by the nature-inspired unfolding visions and pale inferno soaring winter themes of threatening white-surroundings as one being trapped into a snow-days of solitude for being lonely as the last sun died and the firm breeze will be the only talking things around your frozen world and wooden cabin there on Smell Of Burning Wood recording by The Nightly Disease fairness on bringing this releases of Doomy Black Metal melodic and progressive sounds as extremely into kinds of political, religious hatred, racism and Aryan views are possible to happens.

   By thus occult-intact bleeding music; one shall carried the legacy of a beautiful gem instrumentals onto division of part I and II for its long crackling fires enjoyable performance within up to sixteen minutes and thirty-five seconds and further more – like the endless cold season buried the last breathing man alive underneath its rage project.