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Holy Wars Machine (Bird Attack Records 2017)

   Can melodic fast Punk and Skater-core being called later as Softcore might confusing the media but back then when a band be named that before changing theirs into Straightline might be an interesting story not too absurd and usual in many ways off the growing planted scenes of Hardcore Punk and Pop tunes communities.
   Starting to received people’s attention and feedback from as many of skating rocks fans since the infamous group of Old-School Hardcore adding more Cross-over onto Thrash Metal collections for their music; these led by one original figure Bart for smaller shows, demoing stuff and most the eastern European countries – with the NOFX’s newer generation in Emil to Mosi and many line-up changes so far made Straightline goes as stronger as they needed to waging the vast rock world with many new bands spawning every day.
   After the last album being toss to the market – this next one number four releases of Vanishing Values appointing themselves bringing the headlines on social issues and political ever-changes facing the present days within thus fast riffs, drumming and clever lyrics themes and Melodic Punk or Thrash seems to be fitted for the unit to saving the next generation to think tank and better against the enslavement of money and modern corporate international interests to ruling the world in one single power leading and mislead news or economic collapsing like a drowning man choose to delivers his life over the power of wealth infecting the youngsters to go on becoming the modern day underpaid labor as following the false leader may caused us to fell into oblivion.
   Protesting titles and smart displays for encouraging the listeners to learn and developing themselves for not being a bored lazy slackers means Not Afraid, Set The Course, Too Old T Die Young, Fading Away, Off We Go! and Unfinished Story seems to battle the right winged patriots blinded by nationality to be egoist selfish fucks.

Vanishing Values:

Pain Of My Queen (Area Pirata 2018)

   Twenty-eight songs will definitely, blown your socks off while everyone dancing crazy following them and the rest of the band from Pisa, Italy playing ghoulish Rockabilly meets Punk Rock and horror determines how awfully powerful these Cockroaches crew is with their combination of Little Richard types of piano play compiled to a record of two releasing becomes one on Rest In Pieces + Stomp Around The Tombs giving us the meaning of abomination realm that suits the rebellious of how surfing Rock n’ Roll the first place used to fit in. Sharp raw guitars of Gregi or the mocking shamanism sang voices from Bandido Maldito onto the cavernous drumming beats off Mr. Hyde and rhythmic bass bashes from Labanero has given the magic voodoo and ghouls or aliens horde over the Psychobilly romans to scares you like the creeps along the beginning of the album with Hot Rod, Psychojungle, Zombie Dancing, M.F, Dirty Fun onto Dog Eat Dog as well as Pussy Peer & Cheese and Jack & Cola to Space Monster Meets Frankenstein couldn’t be so much funnier to guide your Halloween ritual party backyard with the dead relatives and neighbors shouting and swaying over Mammy Mummy, Baron Samedi and Wolfman in their best homemade costumes this year.


Go Again We Here (Rock Indiana/Screaming Apple 2017)

   In case you ever miss how the mid-era of Alternative Punk-Pop rocks with having their female frontwoman rocking a loud and interactive like The Muffs or The Goops or many others sacrificing their ideas onto the stand-up high movement for as plenty independent girls around the world to do the same like their man did well for Rock Music history and it doesn’t mean that whether you becoming legends of not – doesn’t really fuckin’ matters and for that Suzy & Los Quattro comprising for Suzy Chain, B. B Quattro as well as Thomas Ramos and Victor Pelusa goes on writing their good catchy records and many songs to shocking the stages everywhere they’re playing and as Suzy & Los Quattro – this fourth releasing from them on Faster & Louder! greetings the fans of popular Rock N’ Roll, Power-Pop and New Wave to the influences under The Ramones daily anthem works did well by the pretty arrangements and sing-along refrains as they jumps up to asking you hold the invitations for rocking party garage using this atmosphere being served through this album and the tons of fun songs to listen and sang together all night long via Dance The Night Away, Start Again, Matilda, PMS or Radio! Stereo! that tells everyone the rest of the stories about the boring life that doesn’t have to be so dull if you can manage the idea to make some noise and not grown up to be sucked with the band and tomorrow may shining back to you a brand new things to discovers rather than depressing yourself out and faded.

Faster & Louder:

Stagnant Waves (Self-Released 2017)

   Emo-Rock screaming vocals opens the tunes right away as one exactly, holds the play button to listening on the quartet group of guitarist/vocals Liam Pannell, bassist Aubrey Guidry, drummer/vocals Mathew Meyer and violinist Elizabeth Yi recording the freaky seminal metallic grungy Post-Punk crazy fast and rebellious by anger tricks entitled Vis Nervosa as Backyard Camping from Madison, Alabama used to know for three-piece blocking the sweet harmonies within their harsh music that bursts depression or even hatred over the regret and misfortunes signing by the lilies and those blast tracks like The Waterfall, Ataud, Blood Spatters and No One for ejecting the amount of hates and anger inside their bundle of dismiss to the opening air as they’re faded out but the angst of the suburban youth feelings – either being cured or unwell as the new day comes shines not as whispering but spoken words that burns like turpentine.

Vis Nervosa:

Bring In The Wine (CLS 2016)

   Hong Kong phooey didn’t always really works to expressing how piss the local crew of metal-heads means toward their crushing music making in the show-off force by Bob Wan on vocals, Grenade Kwong on bass, Thomas Yuen the guitarist, Edwin Yau on drums; but CharmCharmChu means only at first one man project by the drums before spreading wider with this bringer of Chinese lyrics harsh cursing for Cross-over Thrash Metal unit.

   Glimmer light-saber, drumsticks, flaming hand and giant beer can atomic missile with bio-chemical weapon of mass-destruction in it is ready to launch by the filthy pig ruler as his good destructive business of the pollutant future images are truly not nearly miss from the band’s Hardcore prediction on this Majestic Brewing Order album release. Go fuck the global terrors within the track-listed Warhose, Fuck Off! Cops and Repetitive Error to the instrumental 650 or their Chinese version and glaring riffs of deadly blasts by this unit or rebel heads to your drunken ears and damn brain !

What a fuckin' chinese crew ...

Majestic Brewing Order:

The Dawn Sleeper (Not On Label 2013)

   The continuity generations praising the harmonic melodies vocals influenced by the big names of AOR Rock culture of the seventies to the late eighties by glooming their essential experimented Progressive Pop to Metal and Rock in general vibrant towards killing of the sacred buck in the forest by the first couple of loyal mankind living or cast out from heaven of the outer space to this promising new planet of the blue and Mandroid Echostar was born out of thus copulating under the great moonlight signs to blast the rocking sounds on the stereo over the blending Speed Metal, Progressive Rock and harmonies of high techniques here for the extended play Citadels record presenting their heritage local of Guelph, Ontario similar to the name like Coheed and Cambria which compels by this group through the formation of Stephen Richards and Sam Pattison on guitars, Michael Ciccia and James Krul on double crisp and clean vocals/guitar with Matt HK on drums and Adam Richards on bass guitar – carried their mystical fusion over the self-written arrangements explosive in awesome melodies via Ancient Arrows, A Death Marked Dream, Haunted Vows and To The Wolves as you might go fascinating to have more addiction on them and the collision of sounds energetic and mysterious shall rules the new world of perspective closely near perfect not to miss by the audiences from this great band works ! 


Glang Goon (Self-Released 2015)

   Unsettling Indie- Art Rock and guitar group freaky mode as new and old retro in multi-fi experimental duo playing bike rock or scientist rock or plays with rock – whatever means the blue-printed map of how assembling happens to be parts of the Montreal, Quebec crew’s five piece listed track interruptions as Notta Comet being grungy honest writing these Slipstream, Freehold Mall Pt. II and Warehouse Blues collectively, been a release in Embankments to assemble there within your good ears hearing sense if you must. Comprising for Alexander Trent Williams for guitars/vocals, Crawford on bass/vocals and Eli Harrison Kaufman on drums - brings the depression looney music to your guestroom.


All Is Love (Loveway/Warner Bros. 2015)

   Be joyful listening on your favorite catchy Pop-Rock and Indie Rock satisfaction led by the creative writings from the figures of the band like Christofer Drew or Ian Crawford as they’re forming the results in Never Shout Never that might brightening your Friday afternoon as the weekend comes within this sixth recording entitled Black Cat showing the power popular of its third eye mixing the most funky moments capturing your entire year in one album and ten tracks listed there; shouting high telling us that Hey! We Ok, Red Balloon of the photo-shop birthday that less for attendance but still fun, Happy New Year brings your silly resolution for being tougher waging for the last high school days, Awkward Conversations (Best Day) and Peace Song or Boom! means partying is never a sin but be more responsible to yourself and others as well as non-critical free times on skateboarding and sees the nature of wonders across the globe may give you new perspectives and more colors like rainbow to your moments.

Black Cat:

Circle Of Druids (Independent 2017)

   Some EP that within its standard may moved your conscious while begin to listen the points of view as psychedelic Stoner/Doom and Psychedelic Metal signed in for these Nashville, Tennessee’s group recalls their existence as Howling Giant for the written down of space travelling to magic moments in outer space or the nether-world that finally, reaching the final taps by the found for older similarity place like our old planet earth on the strange realm system so green and fueled with fresh waterfall but the inside of thus spaceship burnt because of the curses we brought with us on a worships for fire queenvia Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2. Experts offering created there on the husk old earth seeking guidance by tunes of sensations and riffs as greater within the performance from Tom Polzine (guitars/vocals), Roger marks (bass/vocals) and Zach Wheeler (drums/vocals) with an additional for Drew Harakal guesting for organ/synths and blessing angst from earth goddess in a groovy concept over Desert Rock or Stoner Metal correlation onto Visions, The Forest Speaks, The Pioneer and Henry Tate – assigning the memorial launch from day one until now.


The Deathbringer (Fighter Records 2018)

   Witnessing with the world as the once our hero – iron Man has turning evil and there’s a new butcherer in town by the name of Iron Hunter as the bunch of musician off Vigo, Pontevedra – Galicia build their heavy Metal/Speed-Thrash powered in science fiction active while the destruction continues as these five-piece metal-heads local: Emi Ramirez (vocals), Alex Sixstrings and Paco Paz on guitars to Alex Quteiro on drums and Anxo Silva the bass player supporting the killings acted by the infamous flying steel-suits avenger ripping people heads off and slaughtering innocence within Mankind Resistance as Starchaser, Blood Fire & Steel, Beyond The Black Hole, I’ll Die For You and Save The World aren’t too much an option kind for Street Warriors afraid of the death from above, In The Heat of The Night.

Be fuckin’ worried now … 

Mankind Resistance:

Madre Tierra Sangre (Fighter Records 2018)

   Astonishing mercilessly just like the true band’s album title meaning in Spanish – Sin Piedad and these Madrid, Spain crew combines their MWOBHM or Power Metal rages on and speed rockers to the highest limit; Wild (the group) returning to the street’s alley as the avenging wolfman with big guns to invading the bads and slaughtering the wicked while saving the enslaves as its new commodity over the problems lyrics based on religion, mythology and death as Thrash-Metal bashing goes erupting as the heavier fast performance from bass guitarist Sergio Gonzalez Fernandez, leading vocalist Javier Pastor on the shredding departments as well as Jaime Nunez to Niko Fernandez (drums) writing Todo O nada (All or Nothing), Accoralado (At Bay), Vuela Alto (Soars), Bajo Un Cielo de Crystal or Under a Crystal Sky and Pesadilla (Nightmare) suits to becoming the terror soundtrack off those metal-heads fans to like how this espana crew did well shredding the landscape with their materials branded even as the lesser known unit.

Sin Piedad:

Pray For Arrival (Metal Blade Records 1990)

   Legacy never really fades away as the Kentucky’s formed Heavy metal band of Progressive and Heavy Metal blended crew led by brothers Eric on guitars and Glen Cook on bass guitar adding some complete line-ups that same year around eighty-two with second guitar player Chuck Gollar and Brian Goins on vocals to drummer Jay Simpson through the mid of their career send to the public the second latest objective records which not really facing interests since the Alternative Rock took over the throne from Heavy Metal music but still there’s some listeners eager to willing for giving likes to Programmed even though Progressive Metal seems to be deader at that time. 
   Only the die hard fans would go playing Plan For Peace, Another Day, Fire in Your Skin, Obscure The Sky onto What They’ve Done as well Immune grows the high techniques originals from the group trying hard to put the higher tones and pitched solos over the simplicity of the riffs honesty that buried Lethal like others to the underground again. 

Hopefully, Killing Machine would still tearing your metallic collection apart in loud modes.


Dingir Mirage (Bandcamp 2018)

   Blessed the new earth like Jerusalem in reptilian world now as this unit of instrumental underground heavy Music for all genres slowly begin to infiltrates our places within fuzz heaviest and Doom Blues as well as Stoner Psychedelic rocking and Jo the drummer, Nic on six-strings, Phil the bass guitar player and vocalist Vince  affiliated as their solid Quebec city shaken by thus dark, moody, brooding atmospheric delivers from Godhead Lizard as recorded, mixed and mastered by Roger Coumoyer and the clouded skies are open in the forthcoming gift of the king of kings in reptile forms thundering the sounds of Ancient Suns or Dreamstone and Aphelia to the reigning season of the world covered with ashes. This self-titled causing surreal mind-blowing and faith changer in short memory loss or the longest progress through either eight to nine minutes more distorting interruption in the name of the fuzzy riffs, the melodic Doomy Stoner and the holy sexy bitch Ms. Mary Jane – they said, amen. 

Godhead Lizard:

Drenched 04:51 (Line-X Protective Music 2016)

   Man, it’s not too damn late for anyone who sticking around the roadie ideas on mixture the non-popular (anymore) sounds of Hip-Metal or Rap-Rock like there’s one pops out from Young Nudist in all the lyrics and production as this Brest, France project braces for being Shit Lizard releasing the infamous record extended on I’m Tha Real Rap Revolution driving carelessly to the less saver place and toxic waste dumps or worshiping the slave girl wearing none with thus giant boobies hanging and more money to burn within the repeat over Memphis-Rap and Hip-Hop blending to Hard Rock as well as Garage Drone and Trap-Doom under the influences from the past nineties era on them; five tracks and blind justice for the brave written through No Fomo (Aggressive Meditation), U A Molly Hoe, Died Young Didn’t Stay Pretty Because of The Natural Process of Decomposition and Punch Funk on PCP (digital only bonus track) just drew the guns to your enemies on a Mexican stand-off on the border territory of the cracking known feels sweet and sour like sperm, sweat and hot love after the killing actions done.

I'm Tha Real Rap Revolution:

Lacerate Arise (Independent 2013)

   Got their wide influences from names in various legendary to late comers off the hooked Heavy Metal rocking bands like Anthrax, Tool, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath to Nine Inch Nails and Rancid have made these Edinburgh crew consisting of Oli on vocals/guitars, Martin on bass, Steve the guitarist/vocalist and drummer Dave releasing their self-written record in Carnival Carnivorous as A Ritual Spirit playing the senssible Hard-Rock meets Grunge metallic for DIY fusion ideas but not a bad techniques to show upon their performance and like a bt up-tempos on Alice in Chains sounds not too damn complex on shining path sign littering the sparkling taste and melodies as well as the catchy riffs harder to portraying thus serial killer figure in masked and axed smiling like evil on giving the audiences the head-banging sessions and good tracks available through Visceral Decay, Soldiers Of Society, We need The Weak, Before We Turn to Dust, The Way I Died and Full Circle sprouting depression as balance as the heaven and hell measurements for the sinners and saints division adds here within the musical of Stone Temple Pilots version of rock in modernity. Will you liking them instead ? Probably, yeah !!!

Carnival Carnivorous:

Third Quarter (Self-Released 2018)

   Alternative Grunge-Rock and Indie Stoner based track-making written by oneself and the crew with high talents of performance freaking good is the aiming sessions from vocalist and guitar player Redro Rodriguez with his friends: guitarist/vocalist Adam Cole, Neil Wilkinson on guitars/vocals, bass player Mike “Soothing Dick” Findlay and drummer and percussionist Danny Leo playing awesome rocks as this Melbourne, Australia’s Redro Rodriguez & His Inner Demons releasing their album with all the members wearing blue jeans trademarking for Denim Daddy. 

   See if you too shall like to having them rocking the stereo system as they brought images for nine track-listing on the record will be sounded like an independent Badass for four minutes and twenty-four seconds or Transition goes pounding with Deadbeat Dad and Total Snoozeville and Fire Me At The Sun reminding us for the central Midwestern Alternative Blues-Rock music groups whose ruling most of the nineties era after the real Grunge troops turning to superstars. Salute rockers !

Denim Daddy:

Book Of Strange Love (Self-Released 2016)

   Sculptures the massage as messenger of music experimental in a new technology universe project for Josep Mateo means the echoes of meaningless threads recording on the front covering album which looks like a reminder for the conference of birds novel which was fits as those flocks of feathered flying congress gathering for Owl Lord has chosen the right candidate to leads the kingdom once again as no further illuminating instrumentals would definitely explains what the results of that meeting but Leth doing it by playing the experiments over noises sampling to synthesizers ambient disturbance efforts by giving each and every single order or decisions made there closely – gone onto these ten tracks of musical project experiences to hear by the listeners – like Stelar Greens, Bring Me The Gods, Bleached, Deltra Omise and Languedoc as cheaper nor expensive that money cannot buy or pay finally, tells us about The Mockery of The Owl by Jan Van Kessel The Elder painting has an offer to collaborates within the October hours of penance before the darker haunting hour begins; weeks before the all souls day in Barcelona, Spain …

Owl Lord:

Last Ticket (Lazerdisc Records 2016)

   Real eighties re-captures by the splashing taste creations off the Synthwave composing Dj and producer based out of France named Morgan Willis or some calling him Cousin Morgan too even there’s no relation between them and this manager and co-founder of a good label also making plenty ideas went successfully on the smaller region as recording with fans and listeners liking what he did the most and less. One shall closely, right away falling in love with the first tracks catchiest and danceable in Electronic and waving synthesizers music wrapping the seducing female voice of JJ Mist on Behind The Mask comes like thus romantic story turns suspense from the teenagers and adventurous movies in the era of the 80’s and Rage composing all about the gaps in-between our new millennium and those retro past as this collaborating The Game (Round2), Arcade Fire and Sex On The Beach revealing the beats and grooves extracting as melt onto your favorable New Wave Disco Electronics album telling on the idyllic locations of south of france breaking the barricades rip cage open or inappropriate situation as excessive prerogative verse of Synth sounds with no lawsuit.


Uplifting Version (SkyQode 2016)

   Feel excited to have the Electro-mixes artist like Marco Antonio Barrientos sophomore smoothly, recording this EP filled with Progressive Trance to minimalist Rave-Deep House as it relates to the outer space journey plan, imaginable time travelling, bad ideas for visiting dimensional realm star system or just partying hard for one night or several some endless on the exotic island featuring Ruined Conflict or Pao Manriquez as well as Electronic heaven popularity nowadays you can’t avoid when you go everywhere – people love to listening to this style kind of music just like showing here In The Voice Of Others exploring more tunes within new beats or the suggested mixtures made of Russia as Dying 4 U (DMT Berzerk Remix) featuring Pao Manriquez with remix by Dimitri Berzerk causing too much quakes around you while the public dancing hard for the night of their lives meeting new faces, fucking foreign babes and adding the moments until the sunrise comes back to show up in its higher place from the east after yesterday downing on the west territory.

In The Voice of Others:

Esurience Guilefulness (Independent 2017)

   Introspection of conflicts; relationships to fantasy of the old tales and mythology stories blending within the melodious Symphonic Metal alliance music sound for the works of these Tunis, Tunisian group calling themselves as Persona – consisting for the local Northern african female in beauty Nesrine Mahbouli on bass, drummer Youssef Aouadi, Melik Melek Khelifa and Yosri Ouada on the guitars department and their gorgeous female vocalist Jelena Dobric on this releasing off their secondary recording works within the displaying for many faces of women of one soul describing the heritage of where they’re coming from and unites for Persona onto the new levels of Metamorphosis. Great high techniques for solo guitars, rhythmic powerful durability, magnificent solid tuning on growlers and riff-age as well as the double pedals and harmonic keyboards and the best of beauties guarding the band’s existence as they’re performing some of the repertoire such as Armour of Thorns, Netherlight, Bete Noire, Invidia, Hellgrind, In Memoriam to The Seeress of Triumph and The Omen of Downfall – tremendously, giving the audience a force of tastful metallic transparency formats carried by the amount of transcending effort on moments solitude above sahara and beyond territories like an oase of mysteries.


Exhibits Barbarous (20 Buck Spin 2018)

   Eerie bizarre events happening and people might have chances to taking video or faking it on the internet as well as the facts will soon being blurred melts with the urban legends and barbarity news from the dark web fascination as your main course not just on television, the newspaper and thus tabloids shall telling more about the desolated appetizer for Death Metal experiments towards Doom Metal and Extreme Heavy Metal and Blackened fusion off Federico DiMarco and Steve Fuchs on shredding six-strings; growler Matt Kapa onto drummer Matt Izzi and bass player Andrew Benenati brings to you the tons of horrific gore, torturing death and cannibalism among the alien abductions, serial killing and mass murdering female under the dark skies concluded as the latest recording tracks taken from Ecliptic Butchery erupting the non-nonsense ability to destroying the mankind capital amounts and civilizations from the inside violence heavier than thou like the Scorched band gave the audience thus taste of gory pulverizing mutilates through Bodies Collect, Disfiguring Operations, Astral Savior, Mortuary of Nightmares, Darkness Infests and Dissected Humanity and Blood Splatter Eclipse. 

Where you going to hide and choose to die against … 

Would it be up the stake bleeding and facing the black-covering executor or the invisible creatures from other world coming with their advance technology not to make friends but devastating and conquer ?! 

Ecliptic Butchery:

Pound On The Table (Glitch Mode Recordings 2018)

   Controlled.Altered.Deleted must be using your three fingers to do as the unused things over computerized data needs to be done right away before the virus infiltrates the main frame positions and innovative CEO Sean Payne with chairman Chris Harris doing the vocals programming and special guest in Charles Levi from Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface did his works via low end thunder; as the supply or demands nods through the written lyrics or samples as animated venture to capitalist behind corporation of Industrial brand within those old-school Electro-Industrial proper fits from the past 80’s to 90’s manufacturer ownership returned here as greater through the renaissance tracks favorites over the smoky computer displaying the last turning points on Eighty-Sixed, Standard Consumption, Into The Cut (Funk-O-Tron) and Time To Conform blasting harder like the angst of the machine over humanity slavery acts forcing them to work and helping the productions as sophomore Glitches sounds and Industrial Dance mixes staying true to the roots of chaos complete within their ownership.


Pray For Horizon (SkyQode 2016)

   Mental Discipline or Alex Mental distinguished remarkable consistency on creating this high demands for the fans in collaboration with Swedish singer Tess Fries within thus great remixes assembly through warming up stereo album as teaser products here on these thirteen tracks for this - Precious Paradise showing you the Future Pop and Progressive House connections party-bangers sound and eternal stone of presence power like ice force vibrating the fusion melodic and harmony pads fixation formats onto We Are No Machine, WDYWFM (feat. Spektralized)/(Assamblage 23 Remix), Fall To Pieces (Warmer Remix), Butterlfy (Unity One Remix) as well as Give Me A Memory or Pain & Regrets goes on and on flushing your imagination out and in like the wave of the beaches swirling or splashing in echoed sounds of Electronic given the taste of weekend feels like romantically eternal along the winter beginning for this.

Precious Paradise:

Losing My Religion (SkyQode 2017)

   Consisting of Artem Nekrasov (guitars), Pavel Zolin (music) to Veronika Yakovleva and Laly Fox on vocals includes Daniil Isaev on lyrics are the matters of timing log-in scenery diamond-like towards the Darkwave headquarters of Samara, Russia and Purple Fog Side would gladly, be saving the community name under their vibrant Goth-Synth meets the Dream-Pop and ethereal darker waves as being widely, influenced by Dead Can Dance, Tears For Fears, New Order, Die Form to Gary Numan or The Cure as well as Graeme Revell or Kraftwerk possession that leads the softer female voices to seducting the audience on loving the materials that group kept as their product in a record. 
   Re-knowing musicianship as well as various line-up stylistic changes made this eight full-length album of the impressive works on The Discord even though the cover arts didn’t looks awesome taken out from bad drawings off the noir-crime games or something but describing the surroundings of Russia to its finest after ten o’clock at night-time as clubs and parties comes alive including the violence of hidden organized prostitutions and drugs where-bouts whirled between Ashen Sleepwalkers, Moth (feat. Requeim4FM), Garden of Whispers, Nobody’s onto My Faith and Your Image Alive feels like the attachments for one to started the button press – beginning to Breathe In and enjoying their stay in Russia background by New Wave Techno sounds local. 

The Discord: