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Zigota Oxygen (Kscope 2011)

   Such a neat collaboration from Steve Wilson and Aviv Geffen as led and passive mixtures on them blending the talents and ideas for this duet project duality called Blackfield as partnership completed with drummer Tomer Z, Daniel Solomon or Eran Mitelman on keyboards giving this third recording on sophomore album entitled Welcome To My DNA which certainly, shall creating to you – the listeners a collapsing softer but imaginative non-selling Progressive Art-Rock and more long journey for good Alternative Classic sounds to the modern world to have. 
The slow and groovy with as many techniques over thus solution to the keyboards-led music and fusion orchestration might taking your minds out from the usual prepositions being send off to the air today. 
   Loneliness standing behind the glass wall by the figure looking outside the box may portraying the essential grips themes used to be written by Pink Floyd and Yes onto the transcription describing on lyrics of the wise elder to their audiences come crossing these tracks like Rising of The Tide, Dissolving with The Night, Blood, Waving or Far Away onto Go To Hell means there’s something precious to tell to the planet rather than becoming more violent or greedy towards the environments as being smart to writing songs which forcing you to swimming to these figures creativity deeper to preserved. 

Welcome To My DNA: