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Zero Sum Game (Adventure Cat Records 2018)

   Further melodic and punctuated to emerges through their softer side before the silent blasts roaming harder as the Post-Hardcore group from Florida slashing your stereo system and neck within the powerful progressive Pop-Punk anthems within the slying riffs and fast solos to the double pedals addictions from Capstan members: Anthony DeMario (vocals), Harrison Bormann (guitars), Andrew Bozymowski (bass/vocals) and Scott Fisher (drums) to Joseph Mabry (guitars) regenerating their works materials upon the sacred beauty and natural amount being recaptures through the fantastic album and artworks off In The Wake of Our Discord produced by Seth Henderson with Katie Neece drawing the pelican birds' crying dance for the front cover as well as seven tuned tracks of good rocking bursts maintenance to build up your faith still to Screamo/Metal-Core and Post Punk roaring acts is here lies awake over the many thanks and rather to make a monotone one – the band decided to adding more catchy tunes like Heartstrong, Precariat, Dissension, The Wreath and The Follower onto Elysian Fields or Denouement overall thus Orlando’s promises in between choruses or lyrics for the braves. 

In The Wake of Our Discord: