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Year Of The Snake (Self-Released 2014)

   Fusion rhythms and creepy rhythmic from the performing acts of the band unit doing thus Garage Rock, Bluesy Doom Rock or Stoner Psychedelic and Heavy Psych riffs not in a very raw Sludge but keeps your interest rising higher on listening for Charlie Devine (bass, guitar), Forrest Marquisee (guitars), Glenn Gatzke (drums, backing vocals) and Tyler Wilson (vocals, guitars) on the releasing record from their group named Fog in the self-titled mode and as they’re not trying to copy The Doors or Jim Morrison’s ghosts methodically, gives the audience a terrifying great groovy waves to slowly head-banging on the following of these Virginian solos to the magic occultist melodic harmful tunes as just showing the signs as many as you can see in the front cover worshiping whether its for mannon’s The Butterfly’s Dream, the triangular shapes, the death spirits, the harvest or even the earthquaking madder earth crust completing through the tracks written alike Don’t Wake The Wasp, Scorcher, IWDBNBIK, Methuselah onto Wise or Drone did the observation for the incomplete realm in our modern world to left behind all thus good thoughts of preservation and replacing it with greed. 

As your self-apocalypse sooner comes in a smaller or bigger version through your freaking days …