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Yam Yam (Bandcamp 2017)

   Soothing harmonic softer kinds of formatted melodies for the genre tuning favorites over Dream Pop, Indie Soul or Alternative Pop delivery sentence on the thematic verses of broken-hearted tales or piece of the summer holiday experiences that needs to be shared with the listeners whom liking or knowing the band – No Vacation which having the strangest member names so far here like Harrison The Hammerhead, Superstar Sab, Lil Nubs Mars and Natty Ice would be the type of subgenre teams hailed themselves from the union spots off Brooklyn and San Francisco giving their self-written gravy wavy musical of independent female soft harmony vocals and male kindness touch as the line-up changes or the hiatus didn’t really put them to totally, unconscious but these good vibes along the released mini-album entitled Intermission should spreading thus amazing delighted five tracks of romance without the answers as well as being captures onto You’re Not With Me, Mind Fields and Reaper. 

Empty studio’s room and abandoned records lying on the floor means either a good thing just happened there or another tearing night occurs back to the lonely souls of the music players.