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Xodiak Cybermen (TVT Records 1997)

   Separating himself from the legendary shades of his previous Heavy Metal mayhem masters within old friends in Black Sabbath marrks the releasing of Terence Michael Butler or Geezer Butler’s solo project only with his bass guitar ability and collective new unit of rock-heads for baptizing himself by Geezer or G/Z/R with Clark Brown, Deen Castronovo, Pedro Howse or Burton C. Bell and Chad Smith into the realm of deeper darkening Electronic and Industrial Metal rhythmic world. Experimenting the busting explosive beats you might never heard before or since the Heavy Metal parts of Sabbath riffs being owned by Mr. Iommi; now here for Black Science this time it’s Mr. Butler’s chance to rising his psychosis idealistic minds of self-written head-banging like portraits upon madness, chaos and universally doomed conditions related closer to any of television shows broadcasts for the X-Files or Twilight Zone stuff to the legendary horror figure of killers. 

   From Man in a Suitcase, Box of Six, Mysterons, Department S, Area Code 51, Unspeakable Elvis and Northern Wisdom – distinguished the mental problematic for modern people to be infected by disease and the killing insanity continues by the cranking of this record deal. 

Black Science: