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Write A Song (Play-A-Grrrl 2005)

   Stop or go mashing up mingled through the clever smart for listening on the naughty lovechild off how The Ramones making love to Madonna on musical influences as the featuring the deep roots of Punk Rock of the East Coast as Tim Armstrong producing the group’s recording with John King and welcoming you to enter the stage of this infamous Shiragirl with Beastie Boys, Ska-Punk and Dance Electro fusion liking by the figure behind the female integrity and intellectual which also bring her favorable music from Andrew WK, Sublime, Debbie Gibson, Prince and Joan Jett among others here. A Hollywood – California presentation sounds combusting variety for New Jersey’s skating ramp or sorority party blasts are definitely available on the indie works entitled Not Sold In Stores.

   Make yourself a collective bastard souls or being rebel against the mature conservative realm around the rhythmic catchy rocks off music via Kill It, Daddy’s Little Grrrl, Go Go Go and Fake Teen Anxt as you strongly could. No further regrets on getting Naked to be honest as 3 Minute Me over those fucketh dearly beloved and brutal semi-Techno metallic and Hip-Hop butts because it’s not a vacation anthem to the spoiled richer kids only ! 

Not Sold In Stores: