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Worlds Destroyer (Transcending Obscurity 2017)

   Bow down to the monster crustacean lord ruling your barren planet since the downfall of mankind by their own mistakes for misused the earth and comes the age of mutation creatures as the Heavy Metal band from Plymouth - Devon, UK told us again here for their Death/Doom/Sludge Metal creations via the loves on drinking cold beer to sonic assaults mayhem music for the comparison to let’s see – the wrath of Obituary.
   Band members fully listed from vocalist Martyn Grant, double shredders Paul “Budgie” Garbett and Leigh Jones, lead guitarist Geoff Holmes onto bassist Dave “Guppy” Simmonds and drummer Rich Parker of Warcrab put their total destructive sounds grinding hard as your stereo system might not handling it too well and blow up; as thus growler vocals meet the insane riffs and exploding drums as cracking the planet inhabitants within Conquest, In The Shadow of Grief or Bury Me Before I’m Born taken from the album – Scars Of Aeons – forcing all to worshiping the new one orb of knowledge controlling them to be forever enslaved under the reminiscent phase of something evolving in develops as our replacements.

Scars Of Aeons: