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Woody Allen (Wolves And Vibrancy 2018)

   Neither you loves tiny dosage of Grunge or Alternative Metal in little less Pop-tinged sounds but by not judging this as one of them might also confusing your head thinking about how surreal powerful is Trautonist duet releasing their seminal Post-Black Metal audio materials from their hometown of Koblenz, Germany within the good catchy harmony music performance under the entitled second album of Ember which may related closer to any of metallic rocking Muse or the notorious Emo-Rock commercial package inside the whirlwind of Classic screaming vocals and extreme ways showing here upon the works off Dennis Blomberg and Katharina Serf as a band unit. 

   The mixture of Black Metal to Shoegaze to the atmospheric melodies concerns us the most as the blistering mid-tempo of a standard collection of tracks still listenable for most of the wider audiences consumption like Vanish, The Garden and Sunwalk that seems to be formatted to the soundtrack sounds towards the vampire romance or satanic black comedy and thrilling scenery spreading around like the sweet tarnish liquid from the blackest hell among the flowers of summer ends in Rhineland-Palatinate.