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Wire X & Heart (Pinata Records 2016)

   The next generation continues their steps following the semi-legendary of Minneapolis famous names like Soul Asylum to The Replacements as the youth beer drinker but responsible to creating much expected catchy tunes melodies and harmony posh tricky tracks with daily lyrics there along thus formation consisting for Garth Blomberg (vocals, guitar), Matthew Engelstad (bass), Justin Nelles (drums) and Sara Pette (vocals, guitar) beating the beats through the thick mixture of Garage Rock, Rock & Roll, R&B Pop and Soul to Power Pop sounds and the shining shimmers of duet vocals on male-female equality voices crafted the experts fusion for Doo-Wop and Country influences as well to entertaining the audiences.

Lutheran Heat’s album – Louder From The Other Side would easily forcing you to jump happy and sing along the tracks like Outer Space, Keep Coming Back, About A Summer or Down And Out as the rest also put things proper to alternatively, rocking high and joyful to gives the evening boredom a good excuses not to bothering your time anymore with this good record. 

Louder From The Other Side: