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Wie Lime Solace (709910 Records DK 2017)


   Not too similar close on the roundabout within the like for (either) The Cardigans or The Carpenters but with the duo interests on swimming, hiking, composing music and lounging times perhaps, the Alternative Retro-Pop futuristic recorded by Julia and Roland Wolff of Huckelhoven, Los Angeles might giving you an access to entering the lovely romantic world of this siblings started and touring their own shows like no other including from this performance through the twelve songs for their album – Endymion.

   Riviera - the duo's name kept a floating rhythmic and selection for softer tunes to go not monotonously boring but entertaining like sugar candy with enough dosage to lift you up to air while listening the rainy walls of popular tuning melodic and vocals harmony within There is No Limit, Cortisone Shot, Forced into Buildings or Stellar in a Crowded Room to Mermaid – definitely sounding infinitive to catch due to the enclosing week where’s nothing concluded to do better to make you happy but the start-up with this record shall giving you something to rely on for the next days on the summer peak countable of 200 days in a year.