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Whoever Kiss Sell (Fearless Records 2008)

   Praised that Emo-Rock, Pop-Punk and Alternative Pop reveals itself to be revolving door policies onto something creatively making something good to listen as like this Tempe, Arizona rock group – The Maine whom probably, you can’t get easily over it since listening for their debut recording studio album on Can’t Stop Won’t Stop simply, produced under the supervising works of Matt Squire and transitioning musically better for the members: vocalist John O’Callaghan, Kennedy Brock and Jared Momaco on guitars department onto bassist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Pat Kirch as Chris Lord-Alge did the mixing greatly to forcing everyone listening even further more about these guys. Simple gold lines combinations within white background as The Maine sliding in and breaks the situation completely in good bursts of popular catchy Alternative Pop sequences via those daily themes like Girls Do What They Want, We All Roll Along, Everything I Ask For and I Must Be Dreaming or Into Your Arms – really sounded romantic and mesmerizing not to forgetting quite easily after several listening test or album buying day.

Can't Stop Won't Stop: