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What You Came For (711724 Records DK 2017)

   Sweetening good addition to your newest Pop-Rock on the daily basic of social media highlights and fame being slowly gains the attentions from listeners to another and another until almost millions worldwide not just knowing them as Halocene whom driving undeniable and mindset of business as the three piece group leashing their footsteps out of the seasoning reality talent show to recording some good cover tracks like catching up to Addie, Brad and Cash whole-hearted independent fully manage for doing absolutely wonders for themselves or fans.
   Lifting the horizon for the likely radio-friendly music and popular songs from other famous single hits or artists through Soft Serve, Vol.1 exactly like you wanted to hear from the suspension track-listing catalogs started from number like Cancer to Praying, the ballad of Hard Times, the piano-tinged touch and delights on Stay, the power pop meaningful new variations seductive sensual on Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) or The Weeknd’s Starboy and damn awesomely more tunes as you going to love it for the seminal acoustic meets harmony tunes in live instruments of bands but all eyes really should pointing on the figure of Addie Nicole whose looking beautiful and talented kinds of reminding us for strawberry mixed with vanilla ice cream by the delicious taste.

Soft Serve, Vol. 1: