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Wet Shadow (Ipecac Recordings 2018)

   Split Cranium is a featuring new group consisting for the ex-members of Circle or Isis as the Vashon – Finland crews Jussi Lehtisalo, Aaron Turner, Faith Coloccia, Nate Newton and Tomi Leppanen have successfully, mixing their favorite metallic extreme ways with D-beat Punk Hardcore onto Heavy Metal and performing their unique Death n’ Roll atmosphere proclaiming the messages to the global listeners about them in a headlines of the recording title - I’m The Devil and I’m OK; showing the cast members of the band plus thus big red sign as the ten tracks honestly, torturing your ears with a blast through Ingurgitated Liquids, Whirling Dusk or Blood Boiler; showing how fast and the threat looks real like your reality of disfigurement noises explosion off thus growler vocals and gutted music bangs like one being captive on Death Bed - The Yellow Room and getting slightly ready on being raped by Heavy Daughter as ugliness filth paying the prices after the stop sign gone.

I'm The Devil And I'm OK: