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Vortex Tunnel (Bandcamp 2012)

Maybe you never been warned but it’s not quite dangerous to listening for Strike The Design as the meaning itself refers onto the categorizing of sharp hits by weapon, ignited to, unexpected discovery to the basic scheme of patterns and affection controls over purposes but the naming attack of this Nu-Metal or Modern Rock sounds buying themselves up from downtown of San Diego to raising up the fists of revolutions to the crowd masses.

Together we shall shining better tomorrow or falls in solitude must be the only plans the band had so far while writing the compositions of rock-heating tracks and standard heaviness blunts through Shift Paradigm, Somewhere in Between, Introvert or even (Music Box), Lapse of Light as well as Illusionist Method ended out for fleeing and left the lower valley of ignorance getting punished by Flood. Such a good/average melodic Hard Rock or Post-Grunge’s self-titled with lesser names directly, for further recognitions.

Strike The Design: