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Voodoo Spaceship (Sound Guerilla 2010)

   Hooray for the Munster, Germany choice for your addiction entertainment music on Progressive Rock and Space Rock sounds which delighted to presents here by these rockers: guitarist Sli, Je the vocalist/guitarist, Saq on bass to keyboardist Seb and drummer Crip consuming the outer limits skies explorations within the journey into harmonic beats of blasting sparks of the making birth of those small universe and planet systems to the ozone atmosphere vibrating tales of man-made orbits harder than slow Doom Metal with Stoner taste tempos and this self-titled of Black Space Riders would taking your minds onto the opening Spacebomb or Black Part 1: Space is Black, Black Book of Cosmic Salvation Part 2: Black Space Messiah as well as Lonely Space Trucking Man and Space Trilogy Part 3: Space Collison that seems to be outstanding to unpredicteable by mankind and closely, ranging the gaps between ours and those other worldly beings out there only a heartbeats away dimension to discovers.

Witness this and you’ll see to admit.

Black Space Riders: