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Viventem Yerushalaim (Rottweiler Records 2016)

   Not the kinds of your ordinary Symphonic Goth-Metal band this Medellin, Antioquia’s Christianity-based musical soundscapes is Aggelos as the band coordinates to pointing at as far as the excessive melodies and harmony buildings ever exists there – one should loving how the group manage their scary mysterious plunge on beater hard session over the latest recording full album via Carolina Giraldo Sanchez playing the bass while sang, Duvan Lopez Posada on drums, the guitarist/keyboardist Jonathan Rueda or Natalia Soto on guitar and harsh vocals as being led by the main singer Juan Esteban Londono as the unit both representing the extremities and the beauty within the works arrangement for Silentium album that comes like a stormy test to your faith. 

   Secluded seductions, amazing orchestral music and metallic mayhem becomes one here for thus gothic goddess looking and mystical events happening long time ago or repeating as history been re-written again via Panis Vitae, Higuera Seca, Sententia as well as Noche Oscura over Ergo Factum Silentium marches as your symphonic anthems to open doors of differences and finding the keynotes answers for mankind questions towards the genesis, the salvation and the resurrected second coming.