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Virtual Kill And Kill (Soulseller Records 2018)

   The uniting force power of Extreme Metal fusion over the duo unit Rogga Johansson as well as Paul Speckmann within the completed formation for Brynjar Helgetun and Kjetil Lynghaug this fourth recording release through From The Mouth Of Madness by Johansson & Speckmann’s Death Metal solid destruction music performance in your fucking face straight and thus torturing or the mutilation acts did by the demonic entity coming out from the entrance opening gate of external dimension of hell side creating most of demise panorama and phenomenon creatures of the dead awakes as the temple crushed and the world being cleansed through the Progressive harmonic symphony off the most outrageous but perfectly, outstanding forms of Death Metal classics and Heavy Metal extremities being attached into one package via Remove The Creep, Condemned, The Fallen Angel, The Heathen Of The Night or Why Fear – fully meaning only one thing … either you struck the nerve and pushing on the hardest louder volume about this or let your soul being extracted onto liquid and died with no cause as weaken humanity failure. 

From The Mouth Of Madness: