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Verdun Retreat No (Great Dane Records 2018)

   Digging back the history and the rest of dark stories among the World War I season of times where millions died for the territorial interference and greedy thoughts to further more pushing boundaries of the huge armies against nations to nations by these Bethunem Hauts-de-France’s extremists metallic unit by the name chosen for In Purulence as Putrid Valley would be one of those horrific tales being taken out from the depth and portraying to you as the tension and powerless stench and bloody terror tales as bayonets and knives and bullets Old Thrash Metal or Black Metal by death sentencing laughs forwards for witnessing thus "in memoriam" growler and blasting explosive extremity played by Pierre Hazebroucq on vocals, Benjamin Dufosse on guitars, Pierre Nicholas Idziak on bass, Valentin Leroy for drums and Sylvain Laversin over guitar succeeded assuring the torch burning the buildings and the dead caused by thus poisonous bio-lethal gas weapons in all chaos under the blood moon and corpses devastation and the tracks attack via Flower and Corpse, The Beginning Nightmare, Butchery of War, The Last Attack and Marshall HAIG or Patriots – reveals an entirely, struck of inhumanity plague made by men through legalizing on slaying others in the name of hatred, indifference and loading Human Dismembering !

Putrid Valley: