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Venom Hangover (Bandcamp 2012)

   Cool boost-blasts of freaking rocks of fury instrumentals by the quartet of Juan Montoya (guitar), Evan Diprima (drums), C.J Ridings (bass) and Thomas Gonzalez (guitars) inside this American Baby recording produced by the group - Stallone and engineered by Craig Carlson shall be your automatic fiddle rhuthmic pressing album to listen on the driving through the road of the lesser-known area as the intensity and the expanding riff-age fuzz has completely turning on the senses with thus suspense and tricky metallic Doom meets Stoner and Sludge within; surely – that these fine rock tracks of non-vocals still brings you depressive of Atlanta, Georgia's energetic in the time where most of ordinary people would feel tired and boredom. 

Go cranking Ancient Infant, The Battle of Miami and Tight Like Tigers for the further beyond recognition adds for indie hooks delivering as The Mooney Suzuki’s cover blasts too. 

American Baby: