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Venality, Avarice (The Sin Circle 2013)

   Even he’s leading the sin circle brand as president and owner; the affiliation for becoming a musician still cannot keep the apparel motion as full time artists on performing the latest metallic Heavy Trap and emotional Rock as being Etienne Sin figure computing the regardless reborn for no regrets singing thus highest tunes and pitched perfect of proclaiming Pop-Screamo Metal and glam-sparks all in one definite combinations and recording sessions as focused and dope by the results to several listeners and more jock-ers as well as fully criticizing mass of media and magazines to whether then supporting the movements or hating it to the triple daring guts of worst curses never to touch the products of this newer rockstar/howlers liking the man – Sinna as he represents.

As official grown up fans of perhaps, Axl Rose developing the higher techniques for Metalcore as successful as the wolf’s laughter under the lunar motions for The Paradox Divide record bursting as much clever moves and growler acts within Run Away in Silence, Lust Dancer, The Cartographer and Your Scene is Dead (Ft. Desdemona) avenging thus speeding screamer production by Jonah Telyas and blasting performance by the solo project.

The Paradox Divide: