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Vellular Bognitive (Dronativm 2016)

   Based on one of the most mysterious book ever written in the history of our old times planet secrets – The Voynich Manuscript baptized since Wilfrid dealing to purchased the book in 1912 while carbo-dated to be written during the renaissance of Italia finest era remaining of illustration diagrams wrote from left to right as popular imagination cryptographic and strange hypotheses seems to be odd, mysterious and speculative. 
As this Legiac project formed by the names of talented Cor Bolten, Don Funcken and Roel Funcken are coming back to producing the re-searching and background mystic around the book within Ambient textures and glitch-infused of Electronic affection within Legiac process proposal of sounds here. 
   A dream-daze days and transforming sonic environment for the thirst of visiting and reading via vast soundscape for the 15th century hand-writing manuscript codex to be unlocked in subsequent rotations as ordinary habitat through these eleven tracks listed in ethereal instrumental eerie haunting as mysterious to make your body-heir rising in sudden via Sirius Of Procyon, Troven Briangular, Inzantum Feaner, The Din Skided onto Jefre Tropod and Ambikythera Mechanism comes and go crossing your brain cells and hearing membranes like the unknown spiritual from another dimension breaching the wall of present days’ defenseless fortress of mankind.

The Voynich Manuscript: