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Vato Perron (Saustex Media Cosmica 2013)

Punk music with both Spanish and English kinds of symbolizing the heritage background of the band from the pride of San Antonio, Texas led by accordionist lead singer brawl yee-haw cowboy Mexican loco of Alvaro Del norte with guitarist Manuel Garcia to drummer Victor Luna and bassist Elliot Ramirez as you can also hearing some squeezebox or pocket trumpet as the minimalist merrier Punk-Rock tempos mixed with danceable silly of traditional blister of melodic from the crazy shit album release via El Valiente as one should needed no more materials to get drunk and high on corona and tequila shots for listening to them. 

The changing of band members didn’t quite effecting how the group naming themselves as Pinata Protest to constantly, rocking harder and on the same time doing jokes by the latinos romance as raw classics as musical works just like the good artworks and most of all – the track listing songs about Guadalupe, La Cucaracha, Que Pedo to Volver Volver and Tomorrow Today as being concern for a little bit story around Life On The Border really means exactly. 

The rooster cock, the la lucha wrestler and the demon accordion may slightly – breaking your silent day night within the performance of energetic from these texa-mexa Folkish-Punk rockers to the last ! 

El Valiente: