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Vastness Transfigure (Earache Records 2010)

   Broke-up sooner after their double recording releases and deformed demo tapes but this Death-Core of America did something extra-ordinary within their conquest and career journey blasting via thus metallic world of Heavy Music as this Detroit, Michigan crew consisting of the constant Melodic Death Metal musicians whose written down their themes related to malice things, immortality evil and hell awaits incoming with Andrew Tate (bass), Billy Noffsinger (drums), Kyle McIllmurray (guitars), Nick Holland on vocals and Pat Hahn on guitars being offensive or aggressive to putting no limitations over their last recording album – Proprioception that might be hell of a precious favorable album as shoutings and screamo-crazy demands the lead solos and power-rage riffs to controlling your minds as the front gate already open for the princess of the underworld to go out and play her roles and aces cards to the world.

   And Hell Followed With portraying the nibiru-type red giant behind the throne of majestic filth as horned female figure trying to seduce the entire planet while the alarming tracks metallic like Rotting Procession, Deadworld Reclamation, A Welcome Displeasure, From Burning Sentiments and even the closing instrumental via Perpetual Abyssma – gripping our fear about the end of days tomorrow.