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Urgency Bell (Southern Lord 2010)

Solve Et Coagula means likely that something needs to broke out first before it can be built in back seems to have a terrible meaning if one tries to put it as a plan on destroying the society of modern technology cities around the planet and for that – this Antiitalian Hardcore/Crust Metal of Trieste – Italy consisted of Lorenzo Gulminelli, Marco Coslovich, Michael Bertoldini, Tommaso Corte or some others sinned names baptizing their full crushing Sludge project into The Secret touches reality within thus rejected rioters and chaos minded on goat worshiper satanic cult unit as Grindcore to Black Metal ruling the horrific sounds from the group.

Brutal, nihilistic, crusty blackened distorting sounds might very non-conducive advancing the retirement oldies mass killing as well as the young executives and yuppies or the perfect shaped people in one big slamming massacre themes for no other religious acts left behind after the earth’s buildings turn to ashes as Where It Ends, Weathermen, Death Alive, Cross Builder and Pursuit of Disconfort and Eve of The Last Day given the black-clothing troops slaying and making huge fuck disasters upon your nations international meeting to help the poor to develops onto the monsters that bite the hands that feeds by Pleasure in Self Destruction and War Desire. 

Solve Et Coagula: