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Unsterblich (Electrola 2017)

   Local heroes that must be famous to the national wide level with their written lyrics in German language playing the essential Pop-Rock made aus European area that you might didn’t really heard it nowadays anymore is the perfect timing brought back again by Brings comprising the members as Peter Brings on vocals/acoustic guitar, Stephan Brings on bass guitar, Kai Engel (accordion, keyboards) lead guitarist Harry Alfter and Christian Blum on drum sets off Cologne having their fantastic times since the early nineties periods onwards onto such of many shows and several Pop festivals or events in their Kolsch dialect sounds and some might loving how the band creates their repertoire so far on the latest record entitled – Liebe Gewinnt as singing the opener seminal ballad pop to the disco-pop catchy performance on Wo Bis Du, swinging the slow prom romance via Wunder and its story; the funky tunes approves via Mer Freese Die Stadt and slow jangling Cha-Cha popular tune came for Immer Nor Zo Dir which might coloring your birthday party and the drinking time with closest friends – leaving you feel lucky to light up the thrown bouquet have the simple lives and more people who care about you not because your money but for you’re really are to support them … 

Liebe Gewinnt: