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Unfuck Criticism (Endoftheworld/Borx 2015)

Knowing ever about hear something on Paiporta in Spain or Valencia-based group of three silly guys and one single girl presenting their tons of good catchy distorting soft Grungy sounds as Mad Robot which consisting for vocalist/tambourine player Su, Mike Grau on vocals/guitars/synthesizers as well as Borja Bosca (bass), drummer Roberto Timon and Carolina Otero on guitar/vocals prosthetic in measurements for telling you the story behind an avenging plan from a girl to her pathetic world of romance within I Declare War album.

Fourteen tracks and lots of melodies and harmony vocals being packing wisely or almost perfectly, not dubbing the past beginning or the presence of today’s sunshine for stopping the event from happening. Big Cosmic Joke, Go Extinct!, Kill The Mainstream, Screw You All and I Am a Fake must be some of those examples screaming of hearts and feelings for hating the lovely surroundings that causing bad lucks to you even when you trying to be a good person these years. 

Sweet menacing revenge with a knife ! 

I Declare War: