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Under The Trees (Self-Released 2018)

   Long-haired dude making his daily moments like sunshine of Lo-Fi Psychedelic Soul and Melodic Pop news music in husky colors or forwarding pattern clothing like native Americans used to wear but not trying to be like Jamiroquai even the same talents on song-writing, multi-instrumentalist to producer and singer meant so much to be a good points spreading off the equal hazy parts of Mr. James Alexander Bright.
Creates the metaphorically, great job on editing as well as primal emotion involving as the permit interpretations unveiling the curtains of lower escapism as oblique and explicit to simplifying the next relations due to his releasing extended album in Mallorca EP. Husky croon focusing adventurous and influenced over productions leads these five piece songs of for example, Gumbo or The Light being preciously, closer to match some kind of jazzy fusion within Pop culture and Dance Funk beliefs as textural effects to thus horns sections did many good ensemble jobs enriching thus recording release to attracting more listeners to join in … 

Mallorca EP: