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U12 We Dare (Artbeatz/Z Entertainment 2016)

   As Hide Away peaking its status as a brand newer hit single from Grace Martine Tandon or pretty much well-known later on these days as Daya currently, rleasing finally – her material works onto the self-inflicted conscious for Electro-Pop Dance album as the born female singer of America with her capability on songwriter as well on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania becoming one of the good breakthrough faces for topping charts of 40 Pops in US, Canada, New Zealand and many European countries along the Asian regions as Sit Still, Look Pretty would be one of your favorite records for a seminal infinite longer times.

Both indie-Pop, Electro Dance onto soft ballad popular tunes comes with the programming products arrangements of sweeter beats, sensual atmosphere and romantic natural feelings while having this played on the car stereo or outdoors cafĂ© area. 

Beached yourself to be remaining under the realm of great singing performance from Daya as Thirsty, I.C.Y.M.I to Legendary, Cool, Words and Back To Me or Got The Feelings really suitable for boys and girls around you. 

Sit Still, Look Pretty: