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U10G Maisie (Not On Label 2018)

Different times might spawning different situations and for every changes over your precious lives – there’s something secretly, hiding to be discovered alike this Nova Scotia musical project of Smaller Hearts giving away their talented Electronic Pop sounds to the public as Kristina Parlee and Ron Bates rhyming their best monotonous but catchy and melodious tracks onto the releasing self-titled album title. 

On not losing tiny hopes ever and sing along with them nicely into rhythmic for Smaller Hearts beats there following thus choices messaging lyrics for current status updates or Alternative Rock gripping tunes on modernism millennium renew through Crossing, Lost Words, Summertime III as well as The Ups and Downs of Forgetting Everything which contrasted the soft angelic female vocals to the pleasuring beat-rhythms made by synthesizers to lifting the pace over Climbing moments to Hibernation or even The Year We Spent Awake to be remembered ... 

Smaller Hearts: