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Troglodyte (Co Lab 2007)

   That’s not how you flying yourself up or on the other case for the Lo-Fi rhythms on Synth-Pop/Electronic/Space Rock/ Blues Funk rocking experiments taken chances as realm results on Alan Edge, John Ayers and Tom Anderson’s trio emerging band-camp under the jilted name of simplicity – Guessmen. Respectively, they can definitely, said that they’re had this for themselves as the oddity sounds, penetrations of the brave experiences effects using to the hooks or choruses mentally, unstable within the group’s prohibited rehabilitation to be approved as a masterpiece but Back From The Bins means something terrible and funny as the small town didn’t noticing how eager the local musicians blending their techniques and ability but the day of ordinary goes on well as the fixation tracks of misfortunes to the weirder topics comes up like a poo pops from your brain situations giving birth onto Chip’n’ Bean, Moider, Warning, Average Fish, Under Rocks and Stones to Subtle (Is The Shuttle Of Love) spreading things poisoning and dangerous as the sky turned magenta upon Newcastle.

Back From The Bins: