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Transblister Grinder (Resipiscent 2013)

   Freako Death-Rock and Post-Punk trio hailed off Oakland, CA with the consistency of the members: Aimee S on drums, LuLu Gamma Ray on synthesizers/vocals and Roxy Monoxide the guitarist/saxophonist and vocalist leads their No-Wave and Alternative Goth-Pop contra culture session sounds there to be untamed forever since just like when you decided to listening open chest for the three female rockers plus their drummer/bassist – Ryan Bonus Beast as Moira Scar through this recording menace release in Scarred For Life as the bursts of colors and pathetic theme songs glorified thus anti-popularity and commercialism thoughts as the band kicks it out farther with the rouge-pleasure on making interesting unique and weirdy tracks like SpaceTime Resonator’s to Magician’s Rant/Ossuery Querry/Split Potion and Miss Funktion as the audiences would deservedly, tracking the paths onto the chamber of Persian’s demon women worship temple bar as the sign said abandoned all hopes while you there and Moira Scar isn’t the typical of girl bands whose selling beauty or sensations – these female entities have decided to sell their souls to Rock N’ Roll and Avant-Garde gods and you should know it using Telephatos.

Scarred For Life: