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Traipse Found (Napalm Records 2018)

   Adding some talented rock musicians of his time limits era this ex-Creed six-strings shedding header Mark Tremonti decided to go on for his own quest alone putting the new name solo promising performance as himself but also the band involving within him through Tremonti whom got Eric Friedman, Garrett Whitlock and even Wolfgang Van Halen as for the fourth installments off his catalogs – this requested over many metallic-heads to loving this shit via A Dying Machine sounded non-familiar as great riffs and power cranking killer beats and tempos blending Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock possibility with a clean awesome vocals and unspeakable techniques and various choices over the sound-effects that definitely, puts you onto a trance head-banger continuously as the following two thumbs up song-lists: Trust, From The Sky, Bringer of War, Throw Them To The Lions, The Day When Legions Burned and As The Silence Becomes Me or The First The Last to Desolation – are all explainable with the almost perfect guitar sounds you ever dreaming of coming out from Mr. Tremonti’s sinful bionic new life-steps … 

A Dying Machine: