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Toxic Spiral Time (Not On Label 2009)

   Lunatic artificial intelligent private circuits are definitely not working as programmed and then, the maniacal thoughts appears often then you ever think inside the ticking bomb ready to explodes by the flicking fuse from Room Of The Mad Robots explosively bring here as their debut album of Mechanical Sound Empire out of Budapest, Hungary leads by the presence of the members: Andres Vincze (vocals), Gergely Onodi (percussion), Laszlo Kertensz on drums, bassit Andras Csaba and guitar gained-grid Miklos Berszan commencing their Nu-Metal and Hip Metal alliance of the unholy themes touching the aspects of social economy and politics within thus daily problems to make head-explodes harder within the nine tracks recording.

   The factory becoming soon failure as the system fails driving the mass-productions to powerless and malfunction as E.M.O (Estupido, Maricon, Odioso), Hands Off, Organic Brutal Shit and The Everlasting Trip or Whatever I Stand hits the spots of your forgotten theory about living a good lives by using company products that made you day by day a slave to the grind. 

Mechanical Sound Empire: