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Touchstone Serenity (Self-Released 2006)

   Nu-Modern Heavy Metal types of the recent extreme touches related to those both visible and invisible conspiracy issues for the background story around the hidden races cities under the skin-layers of the planet recorded and told by the lost airplane pilots while doing his military campaign somewhere long time ago and until then, several generations trying to open the cases as the truth must be revealed and even these Shrewsbury, Shropshire of England’s Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore crew – The Hollow Earth Theory didn’t want to lose chances to re-telling the entire facts about what’s really happening scientifically, as the depth of 800 miles and circumference on both poles openings for visitor not quite easy to find as six hundred miles inner sun and primitive environments might getting a bit unstable every time someone manage to go in and with Mark Darbyshire (bass, vocals), Craig Mackay (drums, samples), Owen Hughes and Jonathan Stubbs (guitars) given the motlen core of Progressive Metal EP onto this Hanging Of The Followers.

For about sixteen minutes and one second; dialing the alerts for the bad news of the end on your modern freaking world taking controls by the irresponsible secret society or invades by the outer-limit races that you never realizing exists before. 

Five tracks like Letter to The Lost, Leech, Buried or On Foot in The Ground and stop counting to end with cutting all the strings now. 

Hanging Of The Followers: